anime, science fiction, fantasy and perfect memory

I am very fortunate for growing up in the early  1980’s. A time when baby boomers who began to invest so much money in their kids’ entertainment, there was a huge amount of profit to be made on toy lines and animated shows for children.As a result of the children of the 1980’s were lucky enough to enjoy a plethora of some of the best franchises in entertainmentin the video game world, cartoons worlds and comic book universes. Many of which are still popular and being re-invented for today’s young generations.

Even if a kid grew up without many toys, he or she could still sit in front of the “rabbit ears” or “baby cable” networks if they were lucky enough to have cable and enjoy imaginative and timeless characters every Staurday morning or after school or possibly in the morning to catch the Transformers on the Bozo Show. or as I did catch Robotech on KRRT-TV a central Texas UHF network now affiliated with Fox.  Despite the amount of mass marketing and superhero, action hero and fantasy plush doll saturated market we 80’s kids were treated to more than a few intelligently written story lines and more diverse characters than previous generations’ youth were sold. Not all were as mature as what came across from Japan but many held their value in our minds and hearts still.


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