Genesis Climber Mospeada

After finishing watching Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross  I wanted to make another comparison series to Japanese original version.  Robotech’s Third Season is often thought of as being as good or close to the most beloved season being the Macross Saga.

Robotech’s third series the New Generation of which the Mospeada series gave birth to, is known for it’s characters all being featured in individual episodes, and all their inner demons being dealt with in a very real and psychological perspective.

I am excited to enjoy my childhood love affair with Robotech’s rich character drama and mecha action. and music in a whole new perspective. Despite what die-hard Macross purists will tell you about how the Robotech versions being ‘butchered’ or ‘dumbed down’ versions is an outright lie. So far I have sen about six episodes of Mospeada and the all of Southern Cross, all of which actually had less compelling emotions and dialogue. Then the Robotech rewritten scripts and edits. Very few things are left out in each.

Moving forward, the first episode of Genesis Climber Mospeada is almost identical two things that stuck out for me that Robotech actually improved on greatly, at least in this first episode.

First, the scene where Scott Bernard is riding through the desert he has a bit of a soliloquy that is left out. His thoughts on being the lone survivor and the ghosts that haunt one who is left alive being more frightening than any horror one’s  mind can dream up, is only materialized visually by the image of Marlene floating about his cyclone/mospeada motorcycle in the desert.
To me these words really struck me, it has a universal quality in the real life to real human tragedy. It’s poignance is worth any dramatic tale of war, survival and remembrance.

Finally the music of Mospeada while the Intro “Lonely Soldier Boy” is a raucous rock n roll number with a male vocal part that is unforgettable that deserves being heard loud,  the credits music ,which is a main theme since it replaces the Yellow Dancer song Lonely Soldier Boy in Robotech, is a bit of a sleepy bluesey jazz number with not too much of a stunning efect as the intro or the Michael Bradley/Yellow Dancer “Lonely Soldier Boy”.


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