Southern Cross: “Prelude”

In the aptly titled “Prelude” or “Prelude to Battle ” in it’s english Robotech version, there is a lot of waiting and tense yet calm resolution before a major assault is to take place on the downed enemy Battle Cruiser. We get to see some of the characters relaxing and letting off some steam before the important maneuver. The attitudes and actions of the characters seem to have real world authenticity with the waiting one would expect to feel before a major fight is to take place.

We get to see Jeane being a little protective with Bowie in allowing  him to be jailed after him being twice caught on the outskirts of town in a piano bar. Her actions show this big sister like side when it comes to Bowie so he will not have to fight and sit this one out in the brig. One can only wonder she thought he may be distracted by his ambitions of playing pia, however it doesn’t make too much sense that the millitary would see this as a danger to his concentration.

I am beginning to notice Jeanne compared to Dana her persona in the english version is a bit more flat or one dimensional a character. Dana has a constant inner struggle between her alien and human side that has more complexity to her psyche and behavior. Jeanne her Japanese version however, is only troubled by not being allowed to pamper herself with showers and ice cream and watching her figure. Though both characters are enjoyable I feel more empathy and intrigue into and for the dynamic and more introspective Dana Sterling, than the tough yet girlishly adorable Jeanne.


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