Labor Day Fires

Well, today started off quite bittersweet. Despite the great weather we’ve been getting I got some pretty bad news on the fires in Bastrop, Texas that have been going on for two days now. It is far from me here in San Antonio but hearing from the Boxer dog rescue group that I volunteer and have adopted three dogs from had some members who needed to evacuate the area, and hearing of other animal shelters and livestock that is in the area of the massive fires has really caused me to worry about this whole situation and everyone involved people and animals. As a result of our massive drought here this has been a possibility all summer, we can only hope some rain will come to shorten the length of these fires expected to burn for days.I managed to get some anime watching today. I started to watch the two first episodes of  Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross. This series was somewhat of a flop in Japan, however it was re-edited into the second Robotech series that I blogged about yesterday. There are some differences both subtle and major. I am actually really enjoying both the Intro music and Credits music, however some of the background music is quite interesting cross of jazz fusion and Pop songs. Occasionally, though it does sound a bit like generic stock music. As far as major differences between this and the Robotech version is the first episode”Dana’s Story” is actually made from Robotech Macross Saga flashbacks used to introduce the season’s protagonist Dana Sterling in Robotech or Jeanne Francois in Southern Cross  . While the Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross is actually the second episode of Robotech’s version. Half Moon both versions share the same episode title. I did notice that Jeanne or Dana’s character in Southern Cross is a bit more girlish as well as a bit more bratty and rebellious.

So far I am feeling there there is more depth to her Robotech version and her voice actor in english is a lot more memorable. The dialogue in the Japanese version is also a bit more rigid and formal and less personable or conversational. However the Japanese version does make up for the more polite mannerisms in the Japanese language by Jeanne being a bit more immature and slightly less serious. I haven’t noticed much scene editing other than Souther Cross version is able to show a slightly longer battle scene between Jeanne and the red bioroid in the second episode. Also there is not any footage yet of the triumvirate of clones in Robotech Masters that are seem to be the leaders or elders to  the invading aliens.  These guys have lots of material that shows the planning of this invasion of Earth. One part left out of Robotech I noticed in the second episode we get to see more of the Phantom non transforming Southern Cross fighter planes and we also get a shot of the Tactical Airforce body armor which is one body armor variation that is rarely seen if at all in the Robotech version. One of my favorite aspects of Southern Cross/Robotech:The Masters is the samurai influenced body armor used by the various Armies of the Southern Cross.


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